Kitsune – chained tanka – September 29, 2015


Kitsune by Yoshitaka Amano


Kitsune and the Thief

in the darkest night
Kitsune walks disguised
in her human form
a proud thief thought to steal
her virtue and her pride

the thief approaches
the lovely red-haired maiden
in seductive tones
he caresses Kitsune
she sweetly coos and purrs

he offers her his arm
“come to my home for warmth”
Kitsune smiles
she’s watched him for a while
as he hid his treasure troves

her shamisen sings
she lulls him with her song
then served him sake
and caressed him in her arms
until he was quite seduced

then she laughed at him
as he groped in drunken glee
his dream soon to end
Kitsune resumed her form
and stole his treasures away

the lesson is clear
you never know my friend
who you’ll meet at night
a lonely pretty lady
or Kitsune in disguise.

© G.s.k. ‘15

I love Kitsune … as I write her of course and I’ve written several stories and poems with Kitsune as my main character … so how could I resist today when Carpe Diem Haiku Kai features  Carpe Diem #829 Vulpecula (Fox).

 I also enjoy Neil Gaiman’s work .. and his :”The Sandman: Dream Hunters” is my favourite illustrated novella about Kitsune and illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano.