16 thoughts on “30 Days of Haiga – September 2013

    • Thank you for lookin in! I would have liked to do more free hand work, but not having an electronic pen it would have been a long process indeed, so I used my photos instead for the most part. It is really fun learing this new (for me) form of art.


    • Know about the eyesight problem…if I don’t put on my reading glasses I’m up the creak…I write the haiku below the haiga at times, but I’m going to have to probably leave off on the cursive fonts. I’ll visit with glee!


  1. aloha Bastet. i missed this. this is a way fun way to show the month. i like it a lot. it’s always about learning too—and now you’ve taught me something else. way cool. way fun. thank you. aloha.


      • yeah. organization is not one of my strong points. i keep the work together in my files. and on the blog. other than that. . . . yikes. it’s just fun to see the work of that month being able to glide through day by day easily. way cool.


        • don’t talk to me about organization. I put all of my photos from late July until late September in a file called July and couldn’t find my September shots…thought I’d deleted them :-/


          • bwahahahaha. now you’re talking about stuff right out of my own doing. i’ve been known to do things like that. i’ve learned as a result but it can still happen with single images at times. and on my new computer. . . . it doesnt think quite the same way as my last one even tho they are both iMacs. sheesh. of course they are light years apart in age. . . . i’m relearning tho. i’m just slow at it. it’s still fun tho. aloha.


          • nice to know I’m not the only one to suddenly go mad about losing a whole months of photos because I put them in the wrong file :-/ new computers are fun when they aren’t a headache!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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