Fascination – Acrostic Challenge – November 29, 2015


Fascinated by old memories
Antiques with streaks of dust
Silvery lullabies I hear
Chanted in the dusk …
Inked inside my heart my dear
Never to be forgotten
Anthems of our life together
Those moments of love and anger…
Into the void you’ve sailed away
Onward –  through the infinite stars,  in
Nebulous fascination, sending lullabies.

© G.s.k. ‘15

The Old Grey Mayor – A Chained Kyoka – November 29, 2015

in his golden age
[as in frail senior years]
the city’s mayor
took steps to close down
the city’s discotheque

long forgotten
his lively fiery youth
his lustful ways
his quest for adventures
in envy – he betrayed youth

protests rang
among the citizens
petitions signed
marches marched and voices raised
but it was to no avail

the city split
between the young and old
[enter civil strife]
no solution to the crisis
seemed in the offing

then, the mayor’s wife
who never spoke – did that day
in favour of youth
and said it was just envy
that drove the senior mayor

and beyond all reason
the decision made
creating disharmony
among the population

a committee formed
to find a just solution
the mayor huffed
but collaborated
or he’d have lost his votes

the solution found
in the town hall that day
the order withdrawn
now there is a senior’s night
Fridays – at the old dance hall

© G.s.k. ‘15


Sunday’s Whirligig

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Mayor Harold Washington” by Gwendolyn Brooks: mayor, beyond, steps, close, never, forgotten, begin, health, age, enter, senior, adventure

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Flying Deer (Troiku) – November 29, 2015

Sarca Valley

autumn morning
the flight of his soul
with the flying deer

autumn morning
golden trees and sunshine
the Sarca Valley

the flight of his soul
begins its journey
into the Tao

with the flying deer
beyond this mortal coil
eternal freedom

© G.s.k. ‘15

 […] Then … my heart misses a heart beat. In front of me tumble a lot of little creatures, monkey like, in a dark universe of solidified magma. I forget to breath … I see a huge flying deer with antlers of spiraling curls and legs elegantly floating through the skies. This magnificent animal escaping from two reaching hands, is three thousand years ago made by humans from the Bronze Age. The half-open mouth is from a goose, symbol of the soul; its flight is pointing to the universe, maybe its a symbol of the transformation of the soul that rises to Heaven after dead. … And the “flying deer” is one of the deities who are pointing us the way, teach us the way to let go and accept life as it is.” […]        Chèvrefeuille an astral voyage

flying deer
points towards the after-life
true acceptation

© Chèvrefeuille

cry of an eagle
reaches the ears of the flying deer
listen to nature

© Chèvrefeuille

Carpe Diem #868 Stag Beetle / Flying Deer

Old Man and Two Ducks – Fun Poem – November 28, 2015

ducks in a pond

Crossing a bridge with his haversack
Slung across his back, the old man went
Looking for something, he knew not what
Perhaps an adventure, or maybe not

Two ducks in the pond went quack, quack – back
And forth, with their squawking laugh – [see?]
He stopped then sat feeling sort of piqued –
Wondering what the joke was all about.

“Them louts, they knows a story or two!”
Said the old man to the world at large…
A jogger passing in boutique togs
Stumbled in surprise to hear him speak.

“I don’t know you sir … why address me!
Why pass around gossip my good man?”
Then from the pond came a raucous laugh
The jogger looked aghast then off he ran …

Walking down the path an old man went
With his backpack flung across his back
Looking for something, he knew not what
Perhaps an adventure – or maybe not.

© G.s.k. ‘15

My little story is based on the ducks we have at Riva del Garda …they don’t go quack quack at all – they laugh and what a laugh. For me today the fun was having had no idea whatever of what I was going to come up with when I began to write the poem.

I wrote this for  Miz Quickly’s November 28 Prompt … which alas, I came upon  late, since she has put up a daily prompt for all of November.  must say that it was a lot of fun and that it is one of the most interesting prompts that I’ve ever come across … Many thanks Miz Quickly!

Six Word Saturday – The Port – November 28, 2015

Riva del Garda (TN)

Riva del Garda (TN)

Yes … it’s time to sail away!

Sunrise is the most splendid time of the day.  In Riva del Garda, that doesn’t happen until around 9:00 in the morning in the colder months of the year, the light filters over the mountains .. but not the sun.  Here the sun just topped the mountain.  What a glorious morning to go sailing!

Reflections at a Water Fountain – Circular Poem and Hay(na)ku – November 28, 2015

leaf in the water

Reflections at a Water Fountain

tumbling water splashing
dashing an autumn leaf in cold water
[alter of mystic autumn rites]
ignites my imagination:
all life issued …
spewed – from water but, oh, the change
strange – and somehow, humbling
tumbling water splashing


water splashes
autumn’s red symbol

reflecting I saw
life’s evolution

© G.s.k. ‘15


Poetry challenge #7: Circular poem

“The rules are simple. A circular poem is one that goes round full circle. The last word of the first line rhymes with the first word of the following line and so on until you end up back at your first line.

Lines can be any length, it’s the rhyme that’s important. Ideas and images can be as stream of consciousness as you like, theme, whatever springs to mind.”   Jane Dougherty

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Morning Haiku and Waka – November 28, 2015

carpet of leaves

morning walk
silence in the city
dawn breaks

each morning bleaker
carpets of leaves
skeleton trees

dawn visions
ravens on the wind
the beech stands nude

in the sky
another bird rumbles –
the plane for Venice

white cat mews
locked out of the house
cold in the courtyard

returning home
my poetry awaits me
embracing life

warming the water
a hot cup of green tea
no sugar needed

© G.s.k. ‘15

This week’s heeding haiku with Chèvrefeuille November 25th 2015,”baransu” on Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie is very interesting indeed.  Here Chèvrefeuille does a break down and explanation of how to create balance in a haiku … here are the haiku he used as examples:

a walk through the city
step by step I discover
a newly built world

© Chèvrefeuille

the old pond
a frog jumps into it
sound of water

© Basho (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)

the old pond
yesterday … Irises bloomed
only a faint purple

© Chèvrefeuille

mountain stream
salmon swims to the well in thin air
rebirth of summer

© Chèvrefeuille

A Magpie – Chained reversed Hay(na)ku – November 27, 2015

painting by Rubens Peale

it sat
eating our cake …

lemon flavoured frosting
with shiny

eternal thief,
of bright trinkets

mistook our cake
for treasure

we’ll eat
a magpie pie!”

in earnest
shouted that day.

So I fled
and hid

of blackbirds
in a pie.

© G.s.k. ‘15


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