Yoyoshi “White Dusted Meadow” (Renga Party) January 24, 2016 (First Update February 1st Second Update February 4th)


From Chèvrefeuille:
What a joy to bring the start of our new Renga Party “white dusted meadow”. It’s the second time we are doing this and I hope you all will like it. Let me first tell you the goal of this Renga Party. Making a Renga together is just for fun and it learns you how you can improve your haiku writing skills through association.

Every link, in this Yoyoshi 44, has it’s own season or theme which are already given in the list. In the list you can see BOLD printed abbreviations, which are explained above the list, which correspond with the season or theme you have to use.

The link before you you have to use to associate on to write your own link. I have a little time rule: you have to respond within 24 hours to write your link. Your created link you write down in the comments field including an invitation to the one after you for example:  it’s your turn Hank.

Our first Renga was a so called “kasen-renga” and had 36 links, so it was slightly shorter than the “yoyoshi”. For this “yoyoshi” I have asked Georgia (a.k.a. Bastet), our featured haiku poetess of last December, to write the starting verse or “hokku”.

The title of this Yoyoshi is the first line of the hokku.

Here is the “hokku” of this “yoyoshi”:

white dusted meadow
remembering spring’s glory
tufts of pampas grass

© Georgia (Bastet)

Here is our list for this Renga Party:
white dusted meadow

[SP=spring; SU=summer; A=autumn; W=winter; N=non-seasonal or free as in without theme]

A few basic rules to remember. Avoid repeating a noun or verb in the work. Switch subject matter so there are not too many verses on food or water, etc. Link ONLY to the verse above and not to any other. Use the words “insects” and “dreams” only once in a poem.

  1. [3] SP Georgia — hokku
  2. [2] SP Kim Russell
  3. [3] SP Nimi Arora
  4. [2] N Jazzytower
    5. [3] MOON/A Candy
  5. [2] A Dove Dungeon
  6. [3] A Dove Dungeon
  7. [2] N/LOVE Writersdream9
  8. [3] N/LOVE Ese Klava
  9. [2] N/LOVE Dolores
  10. [3] N Thom Amundsen
    12.[2] N Gayle Rose
  11. [3] MOON/SU Hank (Kakuala)
  12. [2] SU Lothar
  13. [3] SU Christy
  14. [2] N Celestine
  15. [3] FLOWER/SP Milan
  16. [2] SP Chèvrefeuille
  17. [3] SP Chèvrefeuille
  18. [2] N Georgia
  19. [3] N Kim Russell
  20. [2] N Nimi Arora
  21. [3] W Jazzytower
    24. [2] W Candy
    25. [3] N/LOVE Dove Dungeon
  22. [2] N/LOVE Writersdream9
  23. [3] N/LOVE Ese Klava
  24. [2] N Dolores
  25. [3] MOON/A Thom Amundsen
  26. [2] A Gayle Rose
  27. [3] A Gayle Rose
  28. [2] N Hank (Kakuala)
  29. [3] N Lothar
  30. [2] N Christy
  31. [3] FLOWER/SP Celestine
    36. [2] W Milan37. [3] SU Milan
    38. [2] N Chèvrefeuille
    39. [3] N Georgia
    40. [2] A Kim Russell
    41. [3]  N Nimi Arora
    42. [2] W Jazzytower
    43. [3] SP Candy
  32. [2] SP Dove Dungeon, should relate to #1 in some way and close the work — ageku


So the renga has begun and as usual the participants are contemplating before writing their contribution to the renga.  As you see above each participant is assigned how many lines he/she will write, if they are to use a kigo or seasonal word or a specific theme.

The replies to the renga are posted in the comment page of the renga announcement (link follows) and will begin with Kim Russell … to follow the Renga click Carpe Diem Renga Party #2 white dusted meadow (start date: January 22nd 2016)

Updates: January 28, 2016

If you remember from my post written on the Yoyoshi “White Dusted Meadow” renga party  began on January 24th.   Our goal is to create a yoyoshi with 44 links for fun and as a learning exercise.  Historically the Japanese often held renga meetings with the goal of creating collective poems which is what renga are.  We’re in 17 writing this collective poem.

And here’s were we’ve gotten so far!

the hokku:

white dusted meadow
remembering spring’s glory
tufts of pampas grass

© Georgia (a.k.a. Bastet)

crystals and flakes a jigsaw
blanket covering earth’s green

Warmth forsaken
puzzle of colors scatters
-Balloons depart
At the end of the trail a
cleansing breath of mountain air

full moon shines
through barren tree branches
twisted shadows

one cricket, creeping
among the browning grasses

by lamplight
in front of the frosted window
ignoring our reading

Update Febrary 1, 2016

the cricket asks for the dawn
in sweet tones of love for you

the creak of door
still breathless after parting kiss
i meet the morning

words of a new haiku
mingling with my heart

love create melody
capture natural sound
peace in harmony

nature’s stillness sighs
overhead owl’s soundless flight

Bitter Sweetness – Haiku – February 6, 2016


in my mouth
slowly bitter chocolate melts
sweet reflections

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem #910 Bitterness/Sour

I found the photograph on this fantastically wicked post about a thing called a Ktarian Chocolate Puff … Don’t even go near this post if you’re diabetic or a chocoholic … and for pities sake if you’re on a diet!  The blog is called: BANANAMONDAES:  Cooking and eating through the stacks of children’s literature – The post is:  KTARIAN CHOCOLATE PUFF it was published in 2011.

Issa in Italian – Vernacular Challenge – February 6, 2016


neko tsuka [ni] shôgatsu saseru gomame kana

on the cat’s grave
in First Month…
dried sardines

© Kobayashi Issa

tomba di gatto
pei Morti
sardine secche

© Kobayashi Issa (Translation Bastet ’16)

I translated the second line not as First Month which is the Memorial period in Japan but as “I Morti” (literally The Dead) the same celebration but only on one day the first of November.Carpe Diem Vernacular, with a twist #1 the old pond 

The Mage – Free Quatrain – February 5, 2016

Secure in my perfect sense of time
I walk alone in these dark days
Avoiding distortions and traps
That would confound another mage

Secure in my perfect sense of time
The continents change transforming
This water-world’s blue appearance
As I move my mouse to and fro

Secure in my perfect sense of time
A call comes from the highest realms
Alas this mage must go to school
My mother shouts: “you’ll miss the bus!”

© G.s.k. ‘16



(5) Words: | SENSE | SECURE | WALK | TIME | ALONE |