ABC Poems

ABC Poems

ABC poems are more like word games rather  than poetry … the trick is to be able to write them in a poetic fashion instead of just 26 sentences with each letter of the alphabet.

Remembering The Lost Poets – January 13, 2014

Always thinking about them.
Beautiful poets that they were.
Curiously, I keep going back, yet
Daring my mind to move forward.
Eventide will soon be here.
Future verse will never be written,
Glorious tales will go untold … alas,
How lonely the world is now without them.
I didn’t know how much they meant to me.
Just reading their words was pure delight.
Knowing that they read mine, inspired me too!
Longingly I think of them,
Memories though fond, are just not enough,
Numb I sit sometimes for hours…
Onward, I know I must go,
Proud or humble it doesn’t matter.
Quietly I bow my head and say to you:
Remember the beloved ones the others now gone…
Save them in your happiest memories…
Thank fate for the time we had, though brief,
Unwillingly we’ve lost their inspired gifts.
Veiled our minds will lose verses yet to be sung,
Write then with renewed originality, no clones,
Xeroxed copies or sad imitations of classics
Your verses will be alive here inside us,
Zen harmonized we will create new poems for you.

Note: A edit of the same poem written – November 12, 2013

Xanadu Was Lost – September 24, 2014

After the sun’s fully risen
Breakfast and hubby
Call me to the kitchen …
Day has begun, so
Energically I lay out
(Grapes are in season)
Honey with toast … and coffee with milk.
I eat slightly lost, still in my mind
Just a while longer
Kenning a rhyme but not
Losing time,
Munching my toast.
No now I can’t write
Odes or ballads that
Pop into my head,
Quickened by a poem I’d earlier
Read …
Suddenly a rhyme …
Tempting and impelling, so
Under the guise of human necessity …
Verses I save remembering Kublai Khan.
While I’m no Coleridge, still, I know,
Xanadu was lost through a person from Porlock, so,
Zippily I copy it before it is gone.

© G.s.k. ‘14


Ex-lovers – 30 October, 2013

Because she was not seductive,
Catty, yet with the qualities of a
Dog, I can’t see what he saw in her.
Ergo, I sit here wondering…
First of course she did him wrong!
Glory be, isn’t it always like that?
He ranted and raved for a few years…
I can assure you it was a bore.
Just when everything began to normalize,
Know what he did? He called!
Let’s just say it didn’t go well,
Maybe because he expected her to be,
Nostalgically remembering him.
Ooops…that’s not how she felt,
Pretty much she told him she was glad they broke-up …
Quite delighted, feeling better without him.
Reason would have it, he’d just move on …
She was now married and had two sons,
The fact of the matter it’s the same with him.
Very imprudently,
Without thinking things out, he called her:
Xanthippe which pissed her off!
Yes, she yelled a lot and
Zounds! Did the fireworks fly!


Zardoz – 27 October, 2013

Anxiously he argued,
Bucolically, insisting that his point of view,
Certainly was true!
Dogmatic in character,
Empirical yet prejudicial,
Founded on his personal point of view,
Grounded only in his own
Histrionic interpretation of history.
Insistently, he related that his
Judgment was infallible…
Knowledge presented only showed that he Lived in fantasy!
Logically we could follow his
Masterly presentation,
Nervous though he was.
Obviously, his was,
Paranoid view of existence!
Qualifying it thus was
Relatively reasonable after
Seeing him jump onto the table shouting,
Thoroughly out of it, that the
Universe’s leaders but above all the Presidents of the U.S.A. are,
Various entities from parallel
Worlds, supposedly descendents of lizard
Xenotypes attracted to Earth’s
Youth, with who’ve founded a world called:

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Haibun 09/05/2020 …. In the darkest hour

An American Cemetery – September 2019 – gsk’19

Slavery officially ended in 1863 in the United States but that didn’t change how white people acted towards black people in both the north and the south, but especially in the south. In that country an unofficial apartheid flourished in the southern states keeping blacks and whites apart and the blacks in a pejorative position.
When it’s said that white people have been raised to see other people (not only blacks but especially blacks) as beneath them, as outsiders, not quite clean, ignorant and dangerous… to be feared and mistreated that is correct..  The government had and has through educational programs and its treatment of blacks throughout recent history has followed a sad tenancy and been the lead in treating blacks as lesser beings reinforcing age old prejudice.
in the darkest hour
tossing in troubled dreams
no light is seen
There is really a lot of change that we the citizens must make to overcome that age old system of prejudice … because that bug in the system is useful to a certain degree to those who love power. The citizens have got to get over it and move on. Not by substituting brown people or yellow people for the black people as scapegoats and whipping dogs but by seeing that people are people and working together.
On the Day of Memory, though of course we remember the Shoah, which was another attempt by humanity at genocide let’s remember not only the Jews but also all victims of the power seekers who move forward through our hate and fear. I think our societies are guilty of many attempts at genocide in the past,  the present and if we’re not careful into the future.
in the darkest hour
fear and prejudice prevails
blinding human kind
We must begin to remember all the victims of racial and ethnic and religious violence. .. Almost 100 years ago the Nazis began their raise to power in Germany and Mussolini was about to form his first Fascist government. The Spanish civil war would soon take place between Fascists and Republicans. The Japanese would begin their Nationalistic war and expansion throughout Asia and the Pacific . Those who came to power could do so because they could manipulate their people through their baser fears and prejudices and their national pride.
To fight future totalitarian regimes citizens of the nations in the world must overcome their prejudices and fears or they will be just be puppets of war and blind participants in more holocausts. If the United States wants to truly be, as they say, a beacon of freedom, that great social experiment of democracy, it must become a nation of people free from prejudice, hatred and ignorance.
in the darkest hour
a nightingale warbles
who listens
(c) gsk  ’20
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