30 Days of Haiga – Catchin’ up – September 10, 2016



Day 5:

Black Country road

out of the dark
leading homeward lies
the country road

© Gsk ‘16

Day 6

things don't get done

unwritten verse
words flow past and away
yet are not lost

© Gsk ‘16

Day 7

new wine

he drinks new wine
harvesting summer thoughts
as raindrops fall

© Gsk ‘16

Day 8


expectations –
the train crosses the Lagoon
as I leave Venice

© Gsk ‘16

Day 9

Mint Tea

day dreaming
in the secret garden
– mint tea and elves

© Gsk ‘16

Day 10

Dawn relections

each dew drop
a world of mist and light –
dawn reflections

© Gsk ‘16

These haiga were created for A 19 Planets Art Blog – 30 DOH (Days of Haiga) – today I’ve finished catching up.  I hope to now begin posting a haiga a day for Rick’s yearly challenge.  Bastet.

30 Days of Haiga- 4 haiga to catch up – September 8, 2016

I’ve been so busy I completely forgot that in September my dear friend Rick Daddario from “A 19 Planets Art Blog” hosts the 30 days of haiga challenge … so I’m very very late indeed!  In order to make up I’ll write four haiga today and four tomorrow using Rick’s prompts – then I will proceed as I always do … following my own inspirations … and I hope to see many participants this year!! 🙂

The first four prompts are the following:

  1. new moon 2. fire or campfire 3. wind or breeze 4. gold, golden or yellow

New Moon

silence echoes
under the new moon
summer is over

© Gsk ‘16


under the fire of sunset
returning home

© Gsk ‘16

Warm Breeze

last summer breeze
whispers warm promises
before the snows

© Gsk ‘16

Golden Silence

golden silence
in the old alleys
siesta time

© Gsk ‘16


30 Days of Haiga – Haiga 30 – September 30, 2015

Haiga 30

This is the last haiga for the event 30 Days of Haiga created by Rick Daddario from the 19 Planets Art Blog … I really would like to thank Rick for his creation … first of all because it’s fun and secondly, creating a haiga a day has helped me get back into photographic editing which I’ve been neglecting over the last few months.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the event and if you click on my header, under Japanese Poetry you’ll find not only the whole series of 30 DOH for 2015 but also the past two series I participated in. I’ll also be gathering all the haiga I’ve created over the years not part of this series into a page so they can be enjoyed.  Bastet.