30 Days of Haiga – Haiga 30 – September 30, 2015

Haiga 30

This is the last haiga for the event 30 Days of Haiga created by Rick Daddario from the 19 Planets Art Blog … I really would like to thank Rick for his creation … first of all because it’s fun and secondly, creating a haiga a day has helped me get back into photographic editing which I’ve been neglecting over the last few months.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the event and if you click on my header, under Japanese Poetry you’ll find not only the whole series of 30 DOH for 2015 but also the past two series I participated in. I’ll also be gathering all the haiga I’ve created over the years not part of this series into a page so they can be enjoyed.  Bastet.

8 thoughts on “30 Days of Haiga – Haiga 30 – September 30, 2015

  1. Again, you inspired me to get on board with this 30 doh, cara, thank you! Your haiga is stunning and that line “a choice to make” says a lot about autumn for many people around the world, and especially living more North during this time when darkness in the sky impacts on many souls.


    • I’m really happy we were able to walk this adventure together … a choice to make .. like two roads diverged in a yellow woods .. a vision that’s haunted me from my teens .. I understand your point of view too, having lived in one of the great northern wastes .. the long darkness can be very heavy indeed.


        • I remember the city council working to figure out how to keep the depression down … certain types of lighting … bright colours etc … it’s a big problem indeed … but seems a bit early, though hubby is back down in the dumps …


          • Acutally I always thought it was Dec to Feb the worst but at a lecture a few years back a psychiatrist said it starts in September to December is the time for Seasonal Affective Disorder to kick in since the days are shortest then. I think I might stretch that out to Feb too still from the calls we get. Basically 6months of the year. We purchased a special light for work counsellors can use for 30 to 60mins during their shift.

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          • Wow … 6 months .. that’s a long time and here I take into consideration that at least a part of those persons are anticipating the dark months rather than actually being affected by the physical reality of those long dark days … and yes .. the long dark days would include February. Interesting. I should get one of those special lights for my hubby – but he’d deny their effectiveness if he knew what they were for … 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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