Gifts of Gif!

The other day MT Blu sent me a note…asking if I’d send her 5 photos as she wanted to make me a GIF.  Of course, I sent her 10 photos of two different scenes!  I wasn’t sure what she needed or how a Gif works.

MT Blu besides keeping the We Drink Because We’re Poets Facebook page up and running and I might add very popular, does a great daily post over at We Drink Because We’re Poets…she gives us interesting quotes by famous people and illustrates them.  They are very often whimsical sometimes funny, sometimes very serious and always thought-provoking! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll have seen me reblog them often…in fact I’ve been smitten by her quotes!

But let me get back to the gif:

It all began the day that Blu posted this fantastical whimsy about Poe:

286Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.

I just had to laugh and reblog.  She answered one of my comments (I wasn’t sure if this was a film or what!) which I didn’t see:

As for you wondering if it’s a video, well it’s called a gif (graphics interchange format).
Here’s a pretty nifty link if you want to create some…

Then I got the message asking for the photos.  On another post she sent me the results of the poor photos I’d sent along to her…but with a great explanation of how to photograph for a gif!

Your gif may contain as many photos as you wish. The idea is to take each picture (for example of the same object) at a different angle to create a continuous image ( Think of the position of your feet like the hands of a clock, for example you start at 11:50, then 11:51, 11:52, 11:53, 11:54, 11:55, 11:56. 11:57. 11:58, 11:50, 12:00. With this many photos and at those angles, you’ll create a flowing gif.

And an invitation to send another set to The We Drink Because We’re Poets Facebook message service!  Which I will do asap.

In the meantime folks have a look at what Blu can do even with so-so photos!

This is my Christmas tree taken at 4:30 in the morning:

bastet-1And these are in front of my favorite pub:  Il Gatto Nero (The Black Cat)…just going towards the door:

bastet-2and here  l’m coming and going!

bastet-4(Thanks ever so much Blu for this fantastic gift of gifs!)  I don’t know why, and if someone will please give me the info I’ll be forever grateful, but to get these gif to dance, you’ve got to click them.  They work fine in my editor…but they don’t dance once published.  This happened yesterday as well.

Have fun people!  Maybe you’d like to try your hand at making your own gifs…I know that I will have to have a go in the not too distant future, this is just too tempting!  So, thanks to MT Blu at We Drink Because We’re Poets for another interesting way to create!

Ciao, Bastet!

10 thoughts on “Gifts of Gif!

  1. Blu did a pretty nice job with those. I’m proud of her, but don’t tell her i said that.

    As to why you have to click on them for them to work, what’s happening is that the .gif may be too large an image for your theme, so it’s being resized automatically. When a .gif is resizef, it ceases to function. The reason it works when you click on it is because the image in your post is linked to the original media file, which maintains its original file size and thus works as it should. Think of it like the image in the post being just a preview of the actual .gif animation.


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