The “Nana” Dog – Haibun

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week I was in Rovereto for my husband’s art exhibition.  The day was cloudy and there was a strange yellowish tone to everything.  I was taking a photograph of Piazza Erbe working on the idea of perspective and there he was…a huge dog walking his owner.

The dog reminded me of Nana from Peter Pan for some reason.  And then I wondered:  what sort of apartment does this guy own.  I mean look at the dog, it’s huge!  Basically people live in apartments in this country…those who have yards are really in the minority, so one wonders about keeping pets of this dimension!  Oddly enough though, I’ve often found that the bigger the dog, the smaller the apartment!

Still, my imagination galloped thinking of this Nana dog and I imagined that the man had a beautiful family with three children just waiting for their dog to come home…maybe in a 4 room flat!

small houses big dogs
funny how they choose their pets
other perspectives

Written for We Drink Because We’re Poets Story Prompt #9

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