Tiger – Flash Fiction – June 12, 2014

Jeremy rubbed his head and then bumped into a big orange cat which just looked up at him and seemed to smile as the rumfing sound, that was his purr, vibrated through the air.

He picked the cat up and began to stroke his silky fur, “Wherever have you been all this time!  I thought you were dead!”  He hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Tiger for over 20 years and it seemed a miracle to find him now, roaming about the kitchen looking just like an over-stuffed kitten.

“I am!”  said the cat.

Jeremy almost let the cat fall, he’d never heard a cat talk before.

“Uhm…you’re a ghost?”

“Sure … how else could I talk to you in human speak!” purred the cat “And have I got some news for you, you’re dead too!”

This time Jeremy did let the cat fall as he saw his body laying on the floor.

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Tale Weaver’s Prompt

I really like Oloriel’s prompt this week – write a ghost story – and this popped into my head so I thought I just run it by you.  I think that if I have a little time I’m going to try and write something a little more “meaty” later on…have a look at the prompt, I think you’ll enjoy it too!

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