Through The Fence – Shadorma – July 19, 2014

Listener - by Blog it or Lose It!

Listener – by Blog it or Lose It!


There it was
Peep hole through the fence
Inviting me”Come and look!
This is someone’s future home.”

High risers
Living like sardines ….
Still, better
Than nothing …
Or so we might think, I guess.
People go camping.

Through the hole
I saw Lebanon …
Or Gaza …
Don’t know why.
Bulldozers —  and missiles fall,
Wounded baby cries.

Just a hole
Through a tattered fence —
Brings to mind
Many things
I walked away wondering
What the moon would say.

(For Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Bastet’s Shadorma Prompts  and  Blog it or Lose It!)

15 thoughts on “Through The Fence – Shadorma – July 19, 2014

  1. What *would* the moon say, indeed. This does have a wider partition type of feel to it – bulldozers and missiles – and it leaves us with so many questions – which is a very good thing. I really like this!


  2. Love this, Georgia. Great poem – high rises for some reason also make me think of the Middle East – or maybe I’m just thinking more of the Middle East because of the recent conflict… Anyway, I love your poetry.


    • Thank Cathy … I think it may have been the combination highriser through the broken fence. It reminded me of old news reports back in the 70s when Lebanon fell apart. Thanks for dropping in and I’m happy you enjoy the poetry!


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