Shashin no uta – 写真 の 歌 – February 11, 2015

lamp and moutain_smallsnow by lamp light
reflect on the olive branch
a dead leaf on stone

© G.s.k. ‘15

Shashin-no-uta (写真 の 歌), a photographic song – this is the final name that Jen from Blog it or Lose it! created for the photoku … which unfortunately she’s no longer hosting … I like this genre too much to give it up just because there’s no prompt for which to write.  Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been writing far too many prompted works – yes, it’s nice to be able to have people read what we write and prompts are a way to get that readership … but  – so here’s an unprompted Shashin no uta.

18 thoughts on “Shashin no uta – 写真 の 歌 – February 11, 2015

  1. Absolutely. I am doing prompts to stretch my brain, but don’t do every one of them. I am working on two pieces now – long ones – that stretch my soul. I do like this offering of yours this morning – the photos and the haiku. simply lovely.


      • I often say that I am a drive-by blogger. I don’t blog every day, I don’t always follow prompts – especially if there are just so many, I don’t care about “branding” my blog. I just post or not, as the spirit moves me.


        • LOL … cute “drive-in blogger”. I rarely wrote for prompts not so long ago .. and don’t know exactly why I’ve been doing it so much. I’m not into “branding” my blog and not sure what that means, but I do like writing and even before the prompt phase wrote daily … like a diary I guess.


          • Exactly. I guess I want some different ideas or perspectives. I always enjoy seeing other writers’ takes on the prompts, what it pulls out of them. But nature is always giving me ideas and thoughts and I pull out memories from things past as well.


  2. So glad to see that you still like the form — of all the people who joined in, I think you are the master — you really captured that sense of the photo poem. 🙂

    This is wonderful — the second portion reminds me of the “driveway” mirrors some of the long rural driveways have around here. And there’s something fascinating about them….

    This is walking that fine line between wabi and sabi – the whole way through — and it’s beautiful. 🙂


    • Thanks Jen … I’ve added a menu to the top of the Library’s blog and have put up all the shashin no uta … I’ll be taking them down from my blog soon and will add the new ones I do to the menu after leaving them up for awhile.

      I’m glad you liked this one … of course wabi and sabi were still fresh with me as I wrote this … those mirrors can be found all over Italy … the streets are often very small and dangerous .. the mirrors help people avoid accidents. I caught this one the other morning and was too tempting not to take a photo of it … on the street it was still fairly dark … but the mirror from where I stood reflected the sun on the mountains and that olive branch … poignant! I’ve written other haiku about these mirrors … they fascinate me … and have used them as a metaphor of looking “back” in time.

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  3. I love that collage, cara!! very nice and your haiku is perfect. Great minds think alike…I am going back to writing `freely as well such as Muse in transit and just inspired by my photos I am taking lately. I had not though of doing the CP on tulips but I remembered a tulip garden growing up:) I`m off for 2 days….yay!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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