A Sea Dirge – Lento – Shadorma Wordle – November 6, 2015

water submersible maiden –
daughter of kelp, wakame and nori
mater of ungainly migrations caused by a
seawater plexus of nickels and dimes – muore.

moan you who’ve mutilated the sea she said
atone for your destructive ways, make haste,
groan for the phases change nonchalantly
dethroned you will inevitably for this waste.

in the sea
where life once began
like off-brown
lentamente poisons form
a lifeless desert

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie: Wordle and B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond

A Lento consists of two quatrains with a fixed rhyme scheme of
abcb, defe;

All the FIRST words of each verse should rhyme.

1.Water 2. Submersible 3. Kelp 4. Migration 5. Plexus (a network, as of nerves or blood vessels. any complex structure containing an intricate network of parts: the plexus of international relations.) 6. Ungainly 7. Nonchalant 8. Mutilate 9. Nickel 10. Melanin (any of a class of insoluble pigments, found in all forms of animal life,that account for the dark color of skin, hair, fur, scales, feathers, etc. I for one have very little and therefore cannot tan despite sun exposure.)11. Phase

12. The last word I want you to invent (give a definition in the beginning). If you are fluent in a language other than English you can alternatively teach us a special word in that language. These words will be gathered up for future use ,-).  My word is lentamente and it means slowly in Italian. (Muore means dies – nori is an alga)

33 thoughts on “A Sea Dirge – Lento – Shadorma Wordle – November 6, 2015

    • Thanks Kim, I had to edit my lento as I’d forgotten to put in the end of line rhymes … it’s a bit complicated as you say, but has it’s own particular beauty. I’m glad you enjoyed reading mine 🙂

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  1. Wow!! You are up and running with your pen ma chère!!! The first two stanzas scream …or maybe I just hear it loud!! Thought provoking… why did I read this at 3am? (sigh) but it is my time to catch up with you usually. I have a brunch with my birthday boy today, I must shut my eyes for a bit. Bonne journée ma chère xx

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      • I did and it lasted all day, they had an entrée before leaving…potage aux poireau with his Tiramisu for dessert and off to a 7p.m. hockey game he was playing.


          • It truly was and my son left his girlfriend with me to chat (no problem there we both talk a lot) while he played hockey…then they went to a Belgium resto to finish off his birthday dinner.


          • Ah … sounds lovely … I never thought about a Belgium resto before in fact one never thinks about Belgians having a particular cuisine … how interesting. Glad you and his lady love get along … a bonus!


          • Oh no!!! Vinegar was my first choice before discovering mayo. Lol when I moved to Ontario people preferred ketchup too. So I suppose English Canada has adopted American habits:) and we already know that Quebec is a distinct society” 😉


          • LOL … ah .. nice to think I could fit in with English Canada … 🙂 The British I hear often eat them with vinegar as well … and yes, Quebec is definitely distinctive!


          • Years ago, to compensate for a Quebec that still had not won their independent province, our Canadian Prime Minister at the time distinguished as “Une société dinstincte” I don’t think it went well with the separatist. But we are different here, even the English Quebecois think differently. Glad to know the vinegar is still appreciated in England. I just live chips and fries rolled up in newspaper.

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          • I myself would probably find myself more at home in Quebec than in the English speaking Canada. Canada is already closer to what I’m used to .. I feel out of place in the U.S. and have never contemplated returning there … it’s interesting that Quebec is an independent .. so in our Trentino-Alto-Adige where I live … and it’s different from the rest of Italy.


  2. And you thought Bloody Mary was scary. To have no oceans – that would be devastating.
    If only there were some mythical creature who could toss back that which disgraces the waters.
    And how about ‘space junk’ – there ought to be a way to either destroy all that metal without hurting anyone and take it out of the atmosphere.

    (I am only behind a few days but I am trying to catch up.)


    • Uhm … 🙂 I know where you’re going but don’t really remember what I wrote. This is the first non Japanese poem I wrote after my husband’s fatal accident and basically the muse wrote it. I agree though we have to protect our home planet and the oceans are so very very important – and not content to waste the planet for profit, we waste the space around our planet ..

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