Winter 2015 – Haibun – December 30, 2015

bare tree

No snow has fallen yet and this winter the weather is so warm it feels like early spring.  The trees aren’t fooled though by the deceptive day-time temperatures, because they drops below 0° C at night.  The blackbirds are quiet too, in fact, everything says winter, except for the hot sun shiny days.

On the weather channel we’ve been warned that today is the last day of this long autumn.  Everyone’s waiting for the cold snap, some with joy other’s with trepidation, worried that winter will decide to stay into the summer.

untimely spring
decorating their bare trees

© G.s.k. ‘15


Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille December 30th 2015

26 thoughts on “Winter 2015 – Haibun – December 30, 2015

      • It is definitely an el Nino summer over here. Searing heat and bush fires in the south of the continent, flooding rainsin the north. It is to do with Pacific ocean currents. I don’t knowhow that could affect Italy though. It is probably the impact of climate change.

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        • Nor North American … that’s what I was referring to. I’ve been told by family and friends in the U.S. that it’s being said that the warm winter is due to the El Nino … I don’t doubt that there is a very heavy El Nino hitting the Pacific and therefore parts of South America and Africa etc. I’ve read that there could be a 2° raise in the ocean’s temperature in your area .. and that is bad news – could it have effects on the Atlantic? I really couldn’t say but I’m having my doubts as to how much it could actually effect the Northern Hemisphere. Then there’s the question as to why it should be so severe. A fascinating subject to be sure … and not easy to really grasp. I personally think that it is the impact of climate change, in Europe, not related to the cyclical El Nino and its little sister who usually follows La Nina … which they say will be just as bad in the opposite direction.

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          • They are calling this one a ‘super’ el nino – apparently we had one in the late 1990s. It means drought inland and bushfires in the southern forests. At the same time the monsoon in tropical Australia gets really severe (not sure of the connection with el Nino tho). The current floods in south America are an effect also. La Nina brings wet cold summers here and drought to Sth America. As to whether it effects the northern hemisphere I don’t know – maybe that is more to do with climate change. Whatever you call it though, the weather everywhere is strange, sometimes freakish, these days. The floods in northern UK look terrible.


          • I was just chatting with a fellow blogger about the weather in the North … oddly enough seems that the UK also had a very cold wet summer whilst the rest of us were enjoying a splendid weather. I really don’t think that can be attributed to El Nino .. our weather is more affected by the Gulf Stream … I was reading an article in the Guardian about the possible consequences to Africa … in particular Ethiopia and Malawi … seems that as many as 10 million people in Africa may be in danger of famine due to the drought .. It appears to be the worse El Nino since 1950 … but your right .. the winter weather is definitely very strange these days.

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          • Happy New Year. It is a beautiful day here this morning. The news says the people on the Great Ocean Road will be evacuated because of the fire risk – lets hope it’s a false alarm. (the fires are 1 1/2 hours from where I live)


  1. Every time I hear of persimmons I always think of you and Italie…your haibun reminds me of how we felt the week of Christmas, your photo makes me feel mellow with a tiny bit of trepidation for that cold snap or storm that awaits…the calm before the storm. We have definitely broken that mood and I find myself delighted at the view from my window:) so early in the morning for me as well. Perhaps when I stop working, I will be blessed with sunrises and sunsets:)

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    • Thanks dear, what a beautiful post you write to me about .. I think it’s lovely to look out and see the snow … not so lovely maybe having to commute in it though. I’m happy your snug at home, at least for now you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets no?


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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