Silence: A Woman Passing – Free Forms – January 30, 2016


Oil on Canvas
Arles: February, 1888

Silence: A Woman Passing

silence ..

her eyes look on her now lost dreams
vapour ghosts like missing beings
once bright tokens for the future
now just lonely hollow vessels

silence ..

the heart that beats calls out to you
do you not hear that rhythm true
once quick in happy excitement
now slowly like a funeral

silence ..

the rhythm of a distant drum
sets our pace until we’re done
once the beat was in harmony
now erratic the drum beats on

silence ..

her life is over, her soul is gone
because her days had grown too long
once youth filled her, body and soul
now she’s just a hollow echo

© G.s.k. ‘16


(5) Words: | SILENCE | EYES| HEART | DRUM | LIFE |


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Written for:
the secret keeper

7 thoughts on “Silence: A Woman Passing – Free Forms – January 30, 2016

  1. Wow, what a powerful poem. Heavy to the heart.Beautifully written and a loving way to remember and honor the passing of another human being. It is good to acknowledge and old woman or anyone leaving this life for the unknown. Her body here is at rest but what lies ahead. It would be a marvel to know but we don’t and can’t. We can believe or not. Everyone’s choice. Great poem. Touching and touched by your words. – jk


    • Thanks jk … I much appreciated your thoughts on this subject … I’m not sure which word of the five triggered my muse … this is an ode to passing … not a specific person, but one who could be a mother, a friend … or the contemplation of one’s own passing (which I think this probably is).

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