Hanover Lake – Haibun – October 23, 2014

© Anja Partin

© Anja Partin

It was a summer day at Hanover lake in 1959. In those days, things weren’t as organized as they are now days.  It was already something that an area of the lake had been dragged and netted off from the rest of the lake so people could go swimming.  There weren’t any life guards and no one had opened a kiosk or snack bar. People brought their own food and sometimes lit a fire in the sand to roast hot dogs or whatever.

It was nearly time to go home, and the sun was already pretty low.  I’d been running along the tiny beach, as usual bare-footed and not looking where I was going when suddenly a burning sensation under my foot stopped me in my tracks.  I began to scream and cry and my mother ran to see what had happened.  Seems that a happy picnicker hadn’t removed all the red-hot charcoal from his impromptu barbecue. I’d found the wayward ember. She took me in her arms … though I was 9 years old and almost as tall as she by then … and told me about the Indian fakir who walked on coals.

yogi in bud
walking on hot coals
in New Jersey



From the North, The Wind – Free Verse – October 23, 2014


wind and rainfrom the north, the wind
funnels through this happy valley
raising dust in streets and alleys
howling like a banshee witch …
greetings from winter.

from the north, the wind
creeps into my bones at night
and toss and turn as I might
I wake with aches and I know …
winter is near.

from the north, the wind
bringing polar Siberian cold
pushing into exile –  the last warmth
that kissed this happy valley …
winter has returned.


I’m late! – Blitz Poem


Found on Good Pix Galleries originally from Wiki Info

I’m late he said ..
I’m late for my date!
Date for the royal tea party
Date with the bloody red Queen …
Queen of Hearts who’ll rage!
Queen who’ll cut off my head,
Head and maybe my ears,
Head because I’m late!
Late … I’m very late,
Late for the garden party …
Party among the roses
Party with roses painted red!
Red and white make pink -
Red the color of my blood
Blood that might flow today -
Blood if I don’t run through these trees!
Trees with flowers growing all in a row
Trees decorated with globes,
Globes of bright shiny colors,
Globes and tea cups as well …
Well, I met up at last with Alice
Well, now I’m off the hook ..
Hook and a crooked crook
Hook and an Cheshire’s eye
Eye of a spooky cat,
Eye for these odd details,
Details for her fantastic story
Details and nonsense poetry …
Poetry and nursery rhymes
Poetry and short stories …
Stories invented for Alice -
Stories for a summer’s day.
Day of sailing down the river
Day with friends and children
Children, Lewis loved dearly,
Children with whom he felt free
Free to live in his imagination
Free from cumbersome adulthood.
Adulthood lacking innocence …
Adulthood he abhorred.
Abhorred he societies grown-up games
Abhorred he sexuality …
Sexuality he never quite understood
Sexuality where he was quite stunted
Stunted and maybe undermined …
Stunted, yet he was a genius
Genius in Wonderland
Genius for his Alice …
Wonderland …

G.s.k. ’14


On the 20th of October, our host at OctPoWriMo was late in posting the prompt, and so she gave us an interesting prompt, to write about lateness … using the Blitz poetry form.  I read a poem on Poetry of the Netherworld … and the illustration was of none other but Alice’s White Rabbit … and from then on the poem above started invading me and hunting me until today I wrote it. So it’s inspired from Alice in Wonderland and an aspect of the life of Lewis Carroll …

Lewis Carroll is one of my favorite writers and last year I presented him to my ESL Conversation class … whist researching I discovered that there’d been a lot of speculation and controversy about his attraction to children … he preferred their company to adults, and it seems that when the children became adults he lost all interest in them.

Time Glass – Valley Stream – October 21, 2014

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, one of my favorite sites, does a weekly time limited prompt … 12 hours from when it comes out to write a haiku … it comes out every Tuesday morning.  Unfortunately, though it’s one of my favorite prompts, I almost always get in just under the dead-line … this week at 8:30 I read the prompt, the dead-line was 6:00 ;-) but I’m posting this anyway!

in the valley
near the old Roman bridge
– tumbling stream

flowing through the ages
old memories and dreams

(c) G.s.k. 14

Photo Credits: Maui Hawaii

Morning Haiku and Waka – October 21, 2014

Liberty 31

Catrin Welz Stein


Ah, how laments rise,
From every country and still
No one’s found her yet …
Searching far and wide,
Under every stone and sky
Where’er could she be …
That long sought wonderous dame?
Sung by minstrels too,
Words oft couched in somber tones
Or in battle hymns!
– People search in vain,
To find that mythical maid
Exalted – sublime
That fair lady Liberty!

(c) G.s.k. ’14


(Inspired by Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Photo Challenge)

Murder on the Strand – Kyrielle Sonnet and Shadorma – October 21, 2014

Murder on the Strand (Kyrielle Sonnet and Shadorma)

This Cenotaph of marble bright
Reminds me of her lover’s plight -
Whilst on a slope in a strange land
He met his death at murder’s hand.

He’d gone to feast one evening,
‘T’was with his neighbor, reveling.
From the merry crunch on the Strand
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Invisible – enameled knife sunk
To the hilt into his poor trunk
Though t’was a mistake and unplanned
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Lichen cover this Cenotaph -
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Minstrel call:
“Dismiss not this tale,
Give a coin …
Recede not …
My songs are my currency
And each word is pure gold.”

 (c) G.s.k. ’14

(The wordle words:  1. Cenotaph (a sepulchral monument erected in memory of a deceased person whose body is buried elsewhere.) 2. Currency 3. Neighbor 4. Lichen 5. Feast 6. Crunch 7. Recede 8. Invisible 9. Enamel 10. Slope 11. Murder 12. Dismiss)

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie ( Monday Wordle)


Melancholy Drizzle – Free Quartine – October 20, 2014

Oscar Wilde


“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”  Oscar Wilde


Under a melancholy drizzle
Damp and cloudy thoughts
Tied my rainbow happiness
Into somber dreary knots …

The grass is always greener
Is surely just a tired cliché but
My musings kept going there
As serenity flowed away …

“Where are all these wonderous stars …
Portents for luck and happiness?
Ah – hidden behind the clouds
Under a melancholy drizzle …”

Then with the morning-tide …
Bright chirping of birds began
And just before the
dawn of light
The clouds opened and I saw …

A smattering of stars
That lifted me from the gutter
Gone, anger and despair – I hailed
The glorious, bright morning.


Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie using the words from OctPoWriMo’s prompt of October 19.


A Martyr and A Prisoner – Free Verse – October 20, 2014


Here inside my crazy head
A martyr and a prisoner shines,
Born from whispered wisdom
From some hazy childhood secret …

Hidden in the shadow of my mind
Protected by steel and armor
Is my diamond bright sense of humor
My Cassandra seer into absurdities …

What most people take so seriously.
Often causes me to giggle.
But strangers look at me ominously
When my laughter bubbles over.

So I’ve locked it under key -
To save me from the crime
Of laughing out of place …
During portentious times.

I shake my head and frown …
As people clash and fight but say
In slightly different ways
Exactly the same things …

Here inside my crazy head
A martyr and a prisoner shines,
Protected by steel and armor
My diamond bright sense of humor

(c) G.s.k. ’14