Quatern: Peace



Walking down this gloomy pathway,
Asking why mankind has no peace.
I watch as greed, envy and war,
Smile and compliment each other.

Ideals born in our greedy past,
Walking down this gloomy pathway,
Defined our freedom as mere gain,
And our rights as buying power.

Each man looks out just for himself,
Thinking that he is mighty Ra,
Walking down this gloomy pathway,
Yet mortal is his true nature.

One day surely there will be peace.
When we see that Earth is homeland,
To all mankind and we’ll stop
Walking down this gloomy pathway.

OctPoWriMo 2013: day 28
Dungeon Prompts Week 11: Peace

18 thoughts on “Quatern: Peace

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  2. Very deep, raw, emotional, dark with a glimmer of hope – love it all, but the, “I watch as greed, envy and war, smile and compliment each other,” is too good! whoa


    • thanks very much, I enjoy your comments and a great critique too…it’s intersting to see what a reader finds good! those two lines came more or less of they’re own accord….I liked personifying them, it helped me focus.


  3. Very deep and thought provoking. Really do wonder if humanity is growing more greedy and violent or we’re just able to see it more often. Media and the Internet give us a 24/7 bombardment of information and they seem to prefer the dark side of news.


    • Just had a conversation about that this morning…well really about politics and the general sensation of total helpless apathy that is growing often as a result of the various media. We as a specis are a pretty violent egocentric and egoistic bunch…have pretty much always been, but there were times when these aspects were not considered to be a value but something to try to lessen in our nature. I’m addressing that more than greed, envy and violence per se.


      • So, it’s more how a person who is selfish and willing to crush others gets more praise than those who work as a team? I’ve seen that in a few office jobs. The nice guys are kept as the drones while the conniving ones rise up the ranks.


        • seems to be the general tendancy. Being conniving, selfish, ambitious, arrogant, macho etc are the qualities we seek and foster…these are some of the important aspects for success. To simplify, I look at nations as though they are persons and see how bullying, arrogant and greedy they are…not nice people at all very often.


          • Limited resources and space does seem to bring out the worst in people. Add in religious and cultural issues for a big mess.

            It makes me wonder if humans were designed to be pack animals like wolves. We have our territory and stay within that territory. Fights break out when others step inside. At the end of the day, we’re animals with instincts. We seem to think our ability to speak and think like humans puts us beyond that, but such a thing takes effort.


          • We’re not really far off from our cousins in fact 🙂 Note that chimps are not really pack animals like wolves, but pretty close, and chimp communities I’ll bet have never included a large amount of members like ours. We don’t really work well in these overpopulated scenerios…we’ve not evolved far enough along yet.


          • Chimps tend to live in groups of 40-60 from what I’ve read. Humans kind of fall into a smaller category if you look at an individual. You have family and friends, which composes your group. Then you get problems when the group is too large and you have one or a few leaders trying to run the show. Very much like chimps, but we seem a lot more blind and vicious.


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