Limericks for Amreen


Child on a donkey

Limerick 1

There once was a donkey from Dro
bored he had noplace to go
but when Christmas was near
they’d dress him in fancy gear
And he’d take children riding to an fro.



Limerick 2

There is a young man in Kilderry
who’s in love with a beautiful fairy
his friends in the pub
say: “Aye that’s the rub!”
His love a is big laddy named Cary!

persimmons and frost

persimmons and frost

Limerick 3

While walking to the sea near Dundee
I came upon a beautiful tree
it was full of yellow fruit
but of leaves not a moot
It was a persimmon you see!


Paint the World With Words each Mondy comes up with a Poetic Form of the Week to Challenge her readers.  This week she chose the Limerick!  I reblogged the post, because it is really very interesting and I think you might like to have a look at it, then she asked me if I’d like to try to write a Limerick…so I wrote three.  Amreen has made her weekly Be Inspired Challenge #6…so go have a peek and maybe try your hand at limerick writing!

11 thoughts on “Limericks for Amreen

  1. I really liked all of these! They have a humor factor to it and tends to lighten one’s mood! Great attempt! I feel this should be this week’s “Be Inspired Writing Challenge #5”!

    And I already got your entry!

    Thanks for the participation!

    Only generate a pingback to the post I will make in sometime so I could keep a track!




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