The Bell – Friday Fictioneers February 21, 2014

Copyright – David Stewart

Copyright – David Stewart

Spring break!

The flowers were finally full bloomed, the air warm and inviting.  School would be closed for three weeks.  The bell silent.

We, the 6th graders, used to take turns ringin’ the bell.  It wasn’t like it is today, an electric trill that has no soul.  Our bell sounded rich and full of promise.  Bell ringin’ was the privilege of the biggest kids.  Next year, we’d be off to high school in the big city, 35 miles away.

Our last spring break together, then each off to a new direction.

My turn, I rang the bell…off to spring break!


Written for Friday Fictioneers


15 thoughts on “The Bell – Friday Fictioneers February 21, 2014

    • 🙂 I had a very bad time. You see, I passed on to Jr. High School in the state of NJ when I finished the 5th grade..then in the middle of the year (6th grade) we transferred to the stat of Illinois and I found myself back in grade school ’til the 8th grade, when I should have then gone to High School, but we then transferred to Alaska and I found myself in the last year of Jr. High School…really the pits!


  1. You captured the bittersweet mix of feelings in your piece, Georgia. As for your own experience, that must have been difficult. I went to one school for grade school, one for high school, one for college and one for grad school. Sounds as though you’d attended more than that before college!!



  2. Good story and well done. Middle school was where my son bulked up and there was no more teasing. My daughter was younger, a couple of grades behind him, but got tired of other boys picking on him on the school bus. She took her ring binder and whapped an offending boy with it.


  3. Dear Georgia,

    My favorite part of this was the comparison of the electronic bell with no soul to the old one full of promise. That was a story within a story.
    Like Janet, I stayed within the same school district from kindergarten through graduation. I used to envy those kids who moved around. Guess the other girl’s grass is always greener, so to speak.
    Good one.




    • Dear Rochelle,

      I know what you mean about the grass being greener…I always wanted to stay in the same school. Seemed like I’d just get settled in and we had to move again. Thanks for passing by! Ciao! Georgia


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