The Vacation – Short Fiction

© Leanne Cole

© Leanne Cole

Walking down the pier that night, the moon shone brightly giving off a hazy glow.  Michael and Gloria looked over the water, hand in hand, thinking of the wonderful day that they’d just enjoyed.

“When do you have to return home?” he asked her.

“Next week.  School opens on the 11th.” she sighed.

Silence fell between them.  They’d just met two days before and already they had to contemplate separation.

“It’s not as though we won’t be able to talk to each other…” he said, “I’ll configure your computer with my Skype address.”

“I know, but, keeping a relationship up long distance…”

“It’s been done before.”

The days passed quickly, then came their last evening together.  The moon no longer shone over the bay.  The stars twinkled brightly that evening as they walked along the pier.  Then they embraced and a tear rolled down her cheek.  they walked back to her hotel, Micheal came up to her room and they consumed for the last time, their love for one another.

He took her to the airport the next morning.  Summer was over for Gloria.  He watched sadly as the plane took off.  Then watched as a ne plane landed.  He stood near the exit terminal.

Mary walked through the sliding doors and when she saw Micheal a big smile came across her face.

“Oh Micheal dear, how much I’ve missed you!” she said as she threw herself into his arms, “Did you miss me too?”

“Ah Mary, life just isn’t the same without you!” he replied.

Written for: From a Photo Story Prompt #3 We Drink Because We’re Poets from a Photo by Leanne Cole.


7 thoughts on “The Vacation – Short Fiction

  1. Wonderful Georgia, glad to have helped inspiration. Will let you know when I’m ready for the other thing, am thinking Easter, going to my mums for a couple of days, so maybe if you do something before then. Let me know.


    • Easter sounds like a great time. We’ll have to coordinate this…I’ll surely send along the piece so you can shoot for it! This sounds like a really cool experiment!


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