Just a Note … May 10, 2014


Ok…I’ve been around or so it seems…that is I’ve been posting and if someone happens to comment, I answer you.  But basically, I’ve been absent.  I haven’t been reading the reader and most of the notifications that come to me directly get recycled when I’ve got a thousand or so that I can’t possibly read.

Some of you, like Jen, Oliana, Oriana, Barb, Charles and Eric as well as others like Justine and  Aquiliana, Al and Michael keep coming around as usual … other’s have gone elsewhere.  I wish to thank you all for being you and being such loving people too.

Today I had a few moments and read a couple of my notifications and I  am really upset.  Rarasaur, one of the greatest bloggers around has been imprisoned awaiting trial.  Her bail has been set at a sum so high ($275.000) that it will mean she’ll have to sit in prison awaiting trial (the 26th of May) … for what reason except pure meanness … I can’t imagine, as she herself allowed them to imprison her (she gave herself up), so I don’t think she would have skipped out of the county as she could have done so before …  ergo … why such a high bail?

Why am I writing this post?  I don’t really know except that I just feel so upset that a person whom I’ve read and chatted with is going through so much heartache and sorrow.

People, I live in a world of my own … and I often make that world cozy and soft, because the world around me is hard and full of nettles.  We’ve all got problems, it’s not that I don’t know it, but in my cozy world, my problems never seem so terrible compared to what I see daily.  Of course, that’s not at all true, but I don’t share my problems and when I do, I’m surprised at the reaction of others.

Please read Rara’s post…please send your best wishes and support.

Ciao, Bastet.



15 thoughts on “Just a Note … May 10, 2014

  1. Hello Georgia,

    With 3,000 plus subscribers I can’t possibly read all but do set aside several hours every week and post, what I believe, are useful comments and replies. I enjoy your posts and know you understand why I’m not always the first to visit.

    I’ve been reading Rarasaur for some time now and trust and hope that she comes out of this all right.

    We all have issues and not all of us share these publicly. Sometimes, we realise that some of our issues pale when compared to those confronting others.

    All good wishes,


    • Hello Eric!

      I know how difficult it is to be able to keep up with all one’s readers. You do a formadible job and I always appreciate you dropping by.

      I felt so distressed yesterday reading Rara’s post. I have to admit, that came on top of another couple of posts where I leart that other readers were also having life difficulties and I felt so bad about not being there at least for a good word, for what it’s worth. I’m also confident, now that I’ve slept on it, that Rara will find a way to get throught this crisis … and I hope and trust that this ordeal will strengthen her.

      You are correct. We do all have issues, and over the year I’ve been blogging I’ve seen some pretty bumpy moments through the eyes of others. I’m just not usually one who talks about my personal issues … and prefer to write about birds and fantasy rather than what’s going on in life … as a poet, I suspect I should be writing about “realities”, but that’s not how I’m made, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable … as yesterday when I wonder if I shouldn’t leave my comfort zone and write about social injustice etc.

      As I said in the post, I’m not sure why I wrote it. An impulse really. Thanks for your time and thoughts.




    • I do know that people are busy…as I’m going through the same problem myself…the news distressed me and I guess I got cariied away in my emotional reaction of feeling guilty that I’d not read about it sooner…even as you say, though there’s little anyone can do to be able to really help.
      Thanks for your comment John.


  2. Georgia, We all get busy. Thankfully, we don’t all go to jail! That is just not right. I like your cozy world. I also cannot keep up with my reader. I do care, though. And I try. Warmly, Brenda


    • Thanks Brenda, I must have gotten taken away in my stress at the news about Rara, it seems so unfair to me.

      I look at my work at times and I realize that, as a poet, I should probably be writing about more important things, but can’t seem to get into strong emotions, I guess that’s just not how I’m made.

      Thanks for commenting, I do know you care Brenda, and love when I see you drop in … and I do know that it’s not easy to do so. Of course, we’re here to write, create and the reading is supposed to be an extra…just wish i could keep up better.

      A warm hug to you too, Georgia


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