Leafy Boat Lullaby – Free Verse – October 13, 2014

The Grand Canal from Palazzo Flangini to Campo San Marcuola, Canaletto, 1738


Leafy Boat Lullaby – Free Verse

Riding on my leafy boat
along the gutter
to the stream
with just my hopes,
that make-up my dreams,
and my pet field mouse
to accompany me …
I’ll cross the lake
then flow into the Po
and finally I’ll find
the Grand Canal
where all the merchants
of the Republic sail
to the Holy Land
and beyond …
so let it rain
what say you my dear
I need the gutter stream
to wander
and if the thunder
sounds like cannon balls
we’ll just ignore them
and the celestial wars …
I’ll find a rainbow
then off I’ll go
to my leafy boat
and handily
will I float off to the sea
… if you want
you can come with me
into dream land
with this lullaby
and we’ll visit
the King of China …

(c) G.s.k. ’14



14 thoughts on “Leafy Boat Lullaby – Free Verse – October 13, 2014

    • LOL … thanks Barb .. I know you’ve been to visit; a little geography … our River Sarca runs into Lake Garda, which becomes the Mincio when it comes out down south, which then runs into the Po which then eventually flows into the Lagoon in Venice cool eh! … but you really should have taken along your pet field mouse


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