A poem written with razors – Wordleing with Sunday’s Whirligig – June 11, 2015

let me speak to you of a secret
in a poem written with rusted razors
found in a summer storm
so many many years ago …
’tis true
the gossips’ whispers buzz and burn
like hornets in heated bronze urns
but bathe your heart in sweet honey
let not the bigots sour your soul –
think nothing of their stinging words
– that alarming tittle-tattle
let them think they are alive
they too are thirsty for love’s embrace
but they lack the courage to seek
the passion of a lover’s touch
so they gossip about what they do not know
quoting gospel as they do.

© G.s.k. ‘15


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Let Me Tell You What a Poem Brings” by Juan Felipe Herrera, the new poet laureate of the United States: secret, poem, speak, razors, bronze, think, sour, thirsty, storm, alarming, bathe, gossip.




12 thoughts on “A poem written with razors – Wordleing with Sunday’s Whirligig – June 11, 2015

  1. If you can’t say good of someone, keep quiet. Gossips are cruel hurtful people whose own lives are shallow and worthless…yet they still multiply. Like flies they need to be swatted.


  2. “rusted razors” and “hornets in heated bronze urns” and the insightful admonishment to never let the “bigots sour your soul”—-wow, this is utterly fantastic….breathtaking…..and so visceral in the descriptions. Love, love, love it 🙂


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