Secret Wanderers – Jane’s Circular Poem – December 13, 2015

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Secret Wanderer

Inside, the secret wanderers go –
Aglow on sidewalks paved with wonder
Under dancing light-form plays
Ablaze, a gentle smile, the child inside …
Outside that tease, old age hides the truth
Youth, whom few can now remember –
December knows those wanderers though
Aglow in Christmas fairs …
Theirs – bright games and fond memories
Fairies still sing and never chide
Hide not from your magic Yule-time guide –
Inside, the secret wanderers go.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Yesterday I went on a day trip to Innsbruck with a group of friends to see their Christmas Market.  There are actually several Christmas Markets in Innsbruck .. being such a large city, it’s to be expected.  The one we visited is in the old centre of Innsbruck, where you can also find the Sacher Hotel, the local branch of the hotel famous for its Sacher Torte and one of the famous Swaroskis‘ stores … chocolate in all shapes and forms … and of course Christmas kiosks, pony and merry-go-round rids for the children.

Above are a few photos I took … which I dedicate to Richard Ankers – I’ve made good my promise and there are more photos to come.

the secret keeper – the wanderer #14:  Words: | GENTLE | WANDER | TEASE | GAME | FORM |

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22 thoughts on “Secret Wanderers – Jane’s Circular Poem – December 13, 2015

  1. What lovely images to go with your beautiful poem and response to my 5 word challenge. Sorry I missed seeing your PING. I usually check the Post with the HUGE DOOR. My apologies. Have been remiss in checking messages and posts. Personal reasons. But I am happy I took a look tonight. I sure would like one of the tortes you happened to mention. And to be in Innsbruck, how marvelous. As for your circular poem, you did a perfect rhyming flow and used all the words throughout creating such a delightfully warm poem for the season. Writing a circular is not as easy as it seems but I love puzzles and word puzzles are great fun. It seemed to me to gather up all the possible ways to use the words and have certain ways you decide to use them. Then comes fitting the story you want to tell into rhyming. Many different edits and with the way I wrote mine, I was counting syllables, also. No more than 7 syllables per line. I was writing two poetry styles at the same time that have similar rules with only one small alteration to make one circular and the other what the creator calls ’28’ form.

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    • No problem … it’s not always easy to keep up with our writers, we use Mr. Linky for this reason at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (B&P Shadorma and Beyond) .. but some of our poets prefer not to link up — any way … know the ’28’ form and it is splendid and it takes real courage to mix it with Jane’s circular poem which is already complicated! I love trying out new forms and yes, i love puzzles as well, especially word puzzles. I’m so happy I discovered your great post and look forward to the next instalment!

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