Haiku Horizons – haiku and waka – January 8, 2016

look as I might
I still can’t find it …
– a poet’s soul

that important find
exaltation for a day
then – a new hunt starts

destiny found
inside fortune cookies
– writing pidgin verse

lost and found offices
full of abandoned objects
their owners misplaced
they’re often never sought
people lack faith in mankind

stopped smoking
new harmony found
without nicotine

© G.s.k. ‘16

31 thoughts on “Haiku Horizons – haiku and waka – January 8, 2016

  1. Beautiful, cara! that first one puts me in search this morning under grey skies and melting snow!! my inspiration melting away. Mother Nature screwing up with our minds! That tanka brought back the image of the Velveteen Rabbit that was left outside the the little boy forgot him. Did you stop smoking recently? Brava if you did… take it one hour at a time…I logged on to a smoking webiste by cancer.ca and it was a discussion board that cheered me on. I replaced that mornings for ten minutes where I would have had my cigarette with a cuppa. Bonne chance ma chère.

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    • Good for you! Knew you used to smoke but not that you’d quit. Yes, I’m going through the process now … not so very difficult – good idea to tie into a discussion board.

      Anyway … Ma Nature is dumping water on us now … and just half-way up the mountain the rain turns into snow. Still crazy weather.


        • I read a letter in the Guardian – I’m afraid they said that 2016 will be an even warmer year than 2015 … they talk about a mix between climate change and an exceptionally hot El Nino (which I thought seemed logical if there’s a climate change towards a warmer climate..


          • We heard that too and this morning I was wondering if I should have just purchased a warm lined raincoat instead of my warm down filled coat last week. Then I look at the temperature and it`s gone from 6C to minus 15…now I’m glad I have the coat 😀 and glad it rained and there was lots of wind to ensure no ice on the roads and sidewalk but just in case I carry my studs in my backpack now. Bonne Journée, bella.x

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          • I was out walking with a friend yesterday and she says it can’t get but worse … but she also told me that she keeps a daily temperature diary and has done so over the past 10 years and told me that last year (the one that rained constantly) was actually warmer than 2015 … we see sun and think warmer but there were no really intensively hot days … I think you did the right thing anyway to buy your warm coat and glad you carry the studs in your backpack! xxx


          • I needed the past two days, with the winds that nearly knocked me over onto a busy rue St Denis the temps felt 20 degrees colder. Last night I wore my studs as the freeze made soft bumpy ice spots on the sidewalk “under” the fluffy snow. I walked home with my stud(s) last night 😉

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          • Oooo … every time I read of your walks home I shiver … we think that it’s cold when the thermometer hits 0° C … (temps went under 0° but nothing like you have) … no one has to wear studs in order not to fall (to tell the truth I didn’t know they existed!).


          • I’m staying in today in the warmth, tomorrow it should go up to -1C during the day and back down at night so I’ll walk the 5k to get to the grocery store. I seem to need a day to recoop when I walk over 7k

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          • I’mm going to stay in today … as whilst you were relaxing I was out walking. The sun was splendid, but once on went into the shade there was a brusque temperature drop. We took a 2 hour brisk walk which was about 8K and so I’m feeling a big achy today.


          • Yes, well I can see how that would put you in an achy feel today. Good idea to rest up. I have to go like or not to get to the post office to pick up a delivery or else they will return it. Fortunately there is a grocery store there and a bank, so I can do all in one spot. It is snowing today though but that means it`s milder but may be slippery…studs it is today.

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          • This morning I had to go to the bank … more paper work … I was completely surprised to find the temperature was minus 7°C .. now that for us are arctic temperatures! But the cold is dry .. no ice on the windscreen 🙂


          • The snowfall here turned into such high winds I liked it much less with high snow banks, I had to walk on the street last night with my cane and achy body…darn!! another fall but this time I took today off as my arm, back and shoulder are hurting too much to try walking through that darn snow again today. bah humbug…snow fall “sweetly” or don’t fall at all!

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          • Oh dear I’m so sorry about that … and I’m presuming the studs did nada. I’m happy you stayed home but what a painful experience this must be to keep you indoors .. and I agree — humbug heavy winded snowfall!


          • And I had my cane in my backpack, so I nudged the teen in the seat for those with limited mobility and gave him the “look”, he got out…lol


          • Good for you .. these youngsters now days .. that “look” is always potent and how much more so if you’ve got a cane on hand!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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