Tuesday’s Photos – Wild Flowers in Woodlands – April 5, 2016

Dancing daisies are delightful but puffy dandelions are delicious down on the Sarca River near Dro! Happy viewing! (A few years back, I created for a now defunct poetry blog site a prompt page called Pixelventures …

For full post: Tuesday’s Photos – Wild Flowers in Woodlands – April 5, 2016


Spring – dandelions in the grape vines


10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Photos – Wild Flowers in Woodlands – April 5, 2016

  1. A phiou!! I was about to type “you’re kidding right…we are expecting snow Wed!!” but then I read it was not a photo of the day. It was so warm Friday and then winter came back with such bitter cold winds…darn! can’t seem to put the boots and gloves away yet.


    • We are having an odd spring too … everyone is actually wishing for rain … it’s bee far too dry this winter and spring … but all that happens is we have grey cold days without a drop of water to justify the drabness 😦 Happy you’re not going to have snow though .. that would be really mad!


      • snow is in the forecast for Wed & Fri…I rather have snow than rain when it is this cold as my raincoat is not warm enough and rubber boots are not either…I must get a pair of line rubber boots while they are still on sale…yes, that`s it they are having winter sales that finish this week. How ironic and Friday (snow forecasted) I am buying my new bike!


        • Wow … having a bike will be great for you, once the weather stabilizes – I already had a bike, but bought a used mo-ped which is quite the thing to have here in the summer for longer hauls … cooler and easier to park than a car.


  2. Lovely image, but I’m partial to dandelions 😉

    Interesting note: the left hand side – contains some sort of ??? stump, leg of a tree, shrub??? the bark seems to be shredding …. it looks like a leg, ending in a clubbed foot …. do you remember what this is? It is so odd, and yet natural looking, yet it speaks almost of a whimsical, fantastic “other world” … just curious 🙂

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    • It’s the base of a grape plant … and yes, now that you mention it, it does look rather like a foot (maybe an ent foot?). I’m going to add photo that followed my close-up of the dandelions Pat, so that you can see the plants and dandelions all together..

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      • cool – and thanks for explaining! now that I look at it …. yes, it does make sense. Of course I wouldn’t have thought grapevine …. *doh! slapping head* but definitely, interesting image 🙂

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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