Just a Note – January 27, 2014

Hello World!

Ach…there are moments when I think that this winter is out to get me!

distant sails

distant sails

As many of you may know, on Christmas day I came down with a fever, aches, pains and all the other wonderful symptoms of the flu.  I kept the fever about 3 or 4 days (thankfully I don’t remember how long).  However, the general weak feeling and lack of inspiration kept on for quite a bit longer.  I was seriously worried that my Muse had been fried (:-/), yes I’m known to exaggerate at times.

I went to my doctor, and she put me through a series of blood tests and gave me antibiotics…as I was having trouble breathing so she figured I probably had bronchitis.  Results of the tests are that I’m lacking vitamin D, Iron and there’s some strange readings as far as my thyroid is concerned.  On Friday I go for an ecograph (sonorgraph?? don’t know how one calls the thing in English) to see what my thyroid is doing (or not doing, whatever).

Finished the antibiotics I didn’t notice much of a difference, until last Friday morning, when I woke up with my sinuses blocked, and achy joints and sneezing!

what a lousy gift
for Christmas day
something I couldn’t take back
for boxing day!

still with me see
after a month and some
seemed to go away
but no…
here it comes!

wish I could say
that I was playing
Chattanooga choo-choo
but no
I guess it’s true!
it’s another cold
that makes me feel
so blue…
Bluer than can be told!

my Muse will soon
go hide
coward that he is,
leaving me high and dry
as I try
to write a story
or poem
even my photos
won’t inspire!

It’s now more than a month
that I’ve not been myself
after all the years
of fantastic good health…

I’ve got a headache too!
oh well…
there’s not much that I can do…
life will go on
(at least so I hope)

Have a great week folks…ciao…Bastet 😦

8 thoughts on “Just a Note – January 27, 2014

    • Ah thanks so much it’s ecografia in Italian! I’ll be happy when some warm weather comes along and can roast my joints…and maybe this blasted stuff will leave me at last! But I think you’re probably correct…it’s another virus I picked up…sigh. I’ll just have to be patient.


  1. I’m sorry to hear you are sick again! That sucks. My doctor put me on Vitamin D after my last blood workup. I hope your thyroid test turns out okay. Your muse hasn’t totally left you – that was a good poem about being sick of being sick…


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