To Jen with Love – August 9, 1014

Chocolate (To Jen with Love)

How I do love chocolate …
Let me count the ways
Pralines, Nougats, Peanut clusters
Just to name a few,
Seventy percent cocoa
But even Hershey’s would do
With milk or fondant
Or maybe white chocolate too!
Filled with caramel or filled with liqueur
Little bon bons do attract
In such an enticing way …
How I love that magic substance
That wicked evil stuff
Though I’d sit and eat my fill
Deny myself I must …
For all those tiny sweetmeats,
That road to ecstasy,
Tend to put the weight on
My derrier and on my thighs.
But the virtual brand I find
Can be quite satisfying too …
Inside my mind and memory
Imagination does what it must do …
There I smell the fudge a cookin’
Brownies in the oven
And Toll house cookies bakin’
On a rainy afternoon.
So I’ll send your muse some chocolate
Of the most exquisite blends
No veggies, tofu, or fruit
Will be in the virtual bin …

32 thoughts on “To Jen with Love – August 9, 1014

  1. Oh my goodness … this is a hoot! I’d never heard the song before! And it’s going to be in my head all evening — which isn’t a bad thing!

    Thank you so much for the virtual chocolate here — this is making me crave chocolate BIG TIME!!!! Ah … 70% cocoa definitely … dark is the best! Hershey’s does make a Special Dark that is good, but Lindt and Ghiradelli are better (gasp! did I say that!?). 😉

    Thank you so much. You are so sweet! 😀


    • Our choclate conversation kept haunting me all day until I finally sat down and got it out of my system 🙂 And of course it’s too cool you leaving in the land of Hershey! I’m glad you had fun with it. (and I ‘d never heard the song either)


      • You know what’s sad about Hershey though? They sent a lot of their operations to Mexico. 😦 Milton Hershey (founder) would be highly displeased — he really loved his community and cared for it. That’s why there’s a medical center and medical school there, and that’s why we have Hersheypark — land o’ my favorite coasters! 😀


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  3. Hi Georgia! Sending people in your direction tomorrow (9 PM my time) — wrote a haiku for HA about chocolate and really wanted people to see your poem here. Just giving you a heads-up!
    Hope you’re well —


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