Fuyuko Tomita – Tanka – February 26, 2015


Hito wa mina/onore o utsusu/ kagami nari/mina sariyukuyo to/emishi hito wamo
Actors we all are, she said
mirrors to reflect
each other
We all leave the stage, she said
and left a smile in mine

© Fuyuko Tomita


Ridi Pagliaccio
acting out melodrama
without Puccini
each day a new opera
when living in Italy

Italy reflects
fifty shades of drama
in crystal tones
hard not to giggle sometimes
but it’s all so serious

a car crashes
spectators and actors
all shout together
then on this stage in the street
the police enter stage left

© G.s.k. ‘15


Carpe Diem Haiku Special

Toe see more photos of the great Caruso, just click his name under the photo.

30 thoughts on “Fuyuko Tomita – Tanka – February 26, 2015

  1. Dayum! Post a warning when you share that image, milady!!! That scene gave me nightmares, LOL!

    Loved this series — especially the second one — !!! Nicely done. 🙂


    • Sorry … GF and another person (and now you) have informed me that that was a particularly omenous clown to put up … sorry, I’m not into horror and so didn’t realize that that was so creepy.


      • Oh, you’d have no way of knowing if you don’t follow horror. It’s even an accident that I know about it — stumbled across it on TV one day and was too terrified to extricate myself from it! But I meant the comments in a joking way — hope you’re not offended o.O


  2. Brava, cara…reminds me a bit of our locals here, shouting, talking with their hands, I imagine the drama is 10 times what we see here. When the police arrive on the scene, here everyone takes out their smartphones …that clown looks like the one on IT…brrrr scary!


    • Alas for that forsaken clown … I’ve been informed that that is so 😦 my bad, I didn’t investigat the photo well was in a hurry … it just matched my needs – a clown in what looked like a reflection … so an illusion.

      Actually it depends more or less on the area (the hand jargon I mean) but basically it’s a “full body” act just like looking at a scene from an opera … when the police pull up, everything kind of calms down … people have usually already pulled out their phones and sometimes they post them on YouTube! More operetic than that …


  3. Oh the drama of Italy. Just loved this poem. You have captured the Latin temparment brilliantly…fifty shades of drama….I miss that….Oh well…you can’t have everything 🙂


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