Sunday Whirl with Poetweet – March 1, 2015


Credits: Istituto Superiore Enrico Fermi (Fermitutti)

Through her granite veins
circles a ghost of fear
with empty names
it howls within her flesh
giving weight to her anorexia
and her table phobia.

Through, circle, veins, granite, fear, ghost, names, howl, empty, flesh, table, weight … these are the words for Brenda’s Sunday Whirl Wordle number 201!

Sunday Whirl banner

Which I’ve put together in a Poetweet an interesting form of poetry introduced to our Jen (The J of BJ) by thotpurge for this  week’s Mindlovemisery’s BJ and Shadorma and Beyond!

28 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl with Poetweet – March 1, 2015

  1. Wow, this is so powerful, especially in combination with the photo. Plus, the brevity of the words highlights the impact of their punch and meaning. What a difficult challenge to merge the two prompts….but you nailed it!!


  2. Breaks my heart to see this…and yet they call us so many times with their struggles with disordered eating…sometimes it is a lifetime struggle…you can live without smoking, live without doing drugs or drinking alcohol but you cannot live without eating…so sad.


  3. am I thin enough
    thin enough for
    your unrealistic demands
    am I acceptable yet
    can you look at me
    and not call me fat
    do I look like a little girl
    am I everything you
    ever dreamed of
    I wear a -10
    does that make you happy
    I’m trying to
    give you what you want
    what society demands
    I’m dying a little
    every day

    am I pretty enough for you now

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    • Powerful Gigi … I was born in 1952 and entered my teens when Twiggy was all the rage and changed how girls were supposed to look … Though I’ve never suffered from anorexia I’ve always felt fat …how well your poem suits this age.


  4. What Randy of The Writer’s Village said is true; it was hard to “like” this piece. Yet, it is a masterful use of the words in the prompt. Granite veins and the giving of weight to the anorexia are beautiful, despite the really hard-to-look at photo and disconcerting content. I’ll have to check out this “poetweet” concept; don’t think I know of that one.


    • The poetweet was new to me as well, as I don’t “tweet” … and I do understand about not wanting to “like” this poem … not all we write is something we “like” to read. Thanks fro dropping by Leigh and leaving this comment!

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