25 thoughts on “Haiga Festival 8 – Raindrops – March 8, 2015

      • You’d be so proud, Georgia — finally got warm enough to be out for a “pleasure walk” and I got all kinds of *awesome* puddle photos! Not as pretty as capturing branches full of little diamonds (!!!) but ya gotta start somewhere! and I thought of you — seeing all those gorgeous reflections 🙂


        • Ah … envy envy 🙂 well I’m happy for you really … it was about time that the weather started settling a little … as for little diamonds … there was a time I’d go searching for raindrops and put the macro on to catch them … so my archives fortunately have something in them for these occasions … that photo was taken last January and I never used it because it was too empty and the sky was a yucky washed out yellow. I’ve go few puddles though in my archives and have to keep going back to the same old ones! Envy! Envy!


    • Thanks … you’re right but today we have a bright sunny day and it’s very pleasant for a change … lots of promise and the first flowers (like violets) have begun to pop up!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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