Photo Challenge – Empty Space – March 20, 2015

Photo Credits: Beata Cervin

Photo Credits: Beata Cervin

Oh – here I rest
upon my tummy
in the sky
on a pink balloon
floating – drifting
through this dreamscape
wondering how
I ever got here.

Floating bobbing
like in mineral water
through the sky, float I …
on atoms of air
in empty spaces
between molecules
there my consciousness
floats through space and time.

How brilliant
my subconscious is –
to understand these truths,
for are we not all drifting freely
in this wholly emptiness
that’ we call life?

© G.s.k. ‘15

 (Here I’m speaking literally of emptiness – as in the mass of atomic matter that composes everything … if you could see things at an sub-atomic level, you’d see bunches of atoms, molecules and what not floating about attracted to each other but divided by huge empty spaces … kind of like in the photo – I find that fascinating!)

Photo Challenge – MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie


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