Pranayama (Breath Control)- Morning Haiku and Waka – April 16, 2015


In the early hours of evening, the pain grew becoming an entity in its own right. What was a mild moment of discomfort, became a maelstrom of  pain, wave after wave pulling her into some place far from the reality of daily life.  There seemed nothing except that centre of pain.  Then, there was a moments calm and she returned for a moment to recognize her surroundings

He held her hand.

“Good, you’re doing good!” he assured her calmly. And she focused upon him, his calm, his words.  Eyes meeting eyes.  The pain returned.

“Look at me!  Watch me and follow me!” he said and started to breath – in then out slow deliberate breaths and she copied him.

In her mind she drifted along with the music that played in the room and she breathed with him.  The pain, though still central in her life now, was tolerable.

“Breath in breath out … now quickly!” and he began to pant and she panted too.

Pain, breath, a thought for the infinite that is life an ocean crashing and then … with a whoosh like a wave crashing one last time upon the rocks there came:  peace and silence, except for her baby’s first cry.

guiding energy

© G.s.k. ‘15

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25 thoughts on “Pranayama (Breath Control)- Morning Haiku and Waka – April 16, 2015

  1. Oh, if only my experience had involved some music … yikes. They really need to change the whole hospital birthing experience. For everyone’s sake! But anyway.

    This is amazing, amazing — and your ending haiku could be a gem unto itself. what more can I say?


    • Very welcome and I’m happy you enjoyed the free-style haiku … it seemed the best ending … and reminded me more of Basho’s poetry than a longer piece.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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