Through the Window – Haiku – August 6, 2015


all along the street
the silence of closed windows
summer vacation

through the window
pungent perfumes of summer
rosemary and thyme

slow moving shadows
on the drawn window shades
fluttering moths

a gentle wind blows
through the open window
glass wind chimes jingle

© G.s.k. ‘15

19 thoughts on “Through the Window – Haiku – August 6, 2015

      • So do I–I added to my collection recently: capiz shells. I think my fave though, for sound quality, is a small one in the hall window–it tinkles like temple bells (or so I imagine)–very rhythmic, peaceful and restful.


        • Ooo … sounds fantastic … I’ve been collecting them for a while and have several glass wind chimes as well as the bamboo and metal ones, but there is one I’d really like to buy … and it sounds very much like the one you just described.


          • It’s funny, the things that are just essential to maintaining some sanity–wind chimes are one, and strings of colored lights, another.


          • Ah … I’ve not tried strings of coloured lights … except at Christmas, which I enjoy very much because of the lights and decorations.


          • Well, I had 3 strings of hibiscus lights I adored (plastic, some might say “tacky”–but each to her own). One string remains, and I was delighted to find on sale some equally inexpensive plastic “lantern” ones to replace the lost flowers. If I were rich, I’m sure I could find more expensive artistic ones–but being economically challenged, I’m well satisfied with less, and these lights do cheer and inspire me. If you check Amazon, I’ll bet you could find some that you “couldn’t live without”! The ones in the bathroom make for great “night lights”. And yes, at Christmas there are never “too many” lights in my place!

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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