Just A Note! Special!!! The First Round’s On Us is now available!!!

Hello World!

I’m dancing and prancing
Just generally chanting
I’m jubilant so happy
And feeling real snappy
After a week of despondency
Good news! the Anthology
That I participated in
has been

That’s right, the We Drink Because We’re Poets a few months back annouced that they would be publishing an anthology entitled: “The First Round’s On Us! An Anthology of Poetic Musings”  Not so long ago we saw the cover design that Sahm had created.  Now we can download that anthology for free!

The First Round’s On Us! An Anthology of Poetic Musings

You’ll Find:

Sahm King : writes poetry and fantasy and fiction as well as the creator of this anthology. His mission: Bring Poetry Back to The World.
Charles Yallowitz: author of the Windemere Series and Poet
MT Blu:  great artist and also manages the We Drink Facebook fanpage
Falicia Lujan: poet, archivest, artist
Trenton Lee Tiemeyer: poet
Lilith Colbert: writer and poet
Rara:  with her winning poem “It’s So Cliché” from the We Drink Because We’re Poets Championship of the Ages Poetry Contest
Bastet: Well, that’s me.

We are all bloggers.


43 thoughts on “Just A Note! Special!!! The First Round’s On Us is now available!!!

      • Thank you! I most definitely will. The formatting looks terrific! There’s just one teeny weeny thing that I wish there was in the formatting and that is the hyperlinks that would take you directly to the blogger’s poem online where they can leave a comment if they wished to.


  1. Congratulations …. just love the name of your group of poets – and I love the cover.
    Me and poetry – we are not on the same level, even if I try at timed … but good luck to you.


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  3. Howdy Bastet, Wow congratulations on your published poetry…

    I imagine the feeling must be overwhelming… I can´t wait to keep on reading your poems, and I will of course…

    Sending you my best wishes,

    Aquileana 🙂


    • Thanks so much Aquileana…it was a wonderful moment! I hope you enjoy my work and soon will be back to full time blogging so I’ll be able to visit other blogs more…have a wonderful Sunday! Ciao! Bastet.


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