The Duo – Friday Fictioneers

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Like in the old song, those people strummed my back with their music.

It’d been a long depressing week, so I went to the pub just to relax. I actually ordered coffee, anything stronger could have had consequences.

Then the two players from Den Haag pulled out their instruments and began to play. The lute and guitar sang to each other, in soft cords of love and harmony.

I sat back my eyes closed letting the music carry me away, washing away fatigue. I seemed to be in another world.

Jason shook me: “Hey Shannon, wake-up! It’s closing time!”



Written for Friday Fictioneers – 25 April 2014

32 thoughts on “The Duo – Friday Fictioneers

    • Thanks Janet, music has forever been one of the means I’ve used to express my emotions…and not always the soothing ones ;-). Thanks as ever for reading!



  1. The music from the video was lovely – so soothing to a soul. Thank you for sharing it with us! Your story is so wonderful too. I shut my eyes and listened – it was so moving and perfect! Thank you, Nan 🙂


    • Thanks…I used to do posts like that last summer (I called them sketches and added music to them)…it was very satisfying then I got lost on something else.


      • I did a lot of posts with music videos last summer too…sometimes it would take me 20 mins to write but hours to find the right video. In summer I listen to more music as I often drive to work and walk hours with my earbuds…I need to get start that again…music puts me the nicest moods:)


        • Lol…know what you mean about choosing the right music or for me it can be photos…I pass more time looking for illustrations than I do writing. One lady said that my haiku were perhaps even better without photos as the photos distracted from the poem…interesting thought. I hate earbuds though, but I have some nifty little earphones…I usually walk with a story going, only rarely with music.


          • Photos choices too…I can take forever to find the right photo…I often do feel it does distract. I am trying now to use a photo of mine or others before writing and see where that goes. After all, I have taken so many photos in the past year with that in mind and I got sidetracked with…um, oh yeah,life!


          • It does …at work sometimes when it’s nice and quiet and I am immersed in writing something, the phone rings and I frown and then realize, Oh yeah, I’m at work…oooops.


  2. Dear Georgia,

    I had to stop and just listen. I just came home from a good swim. What’s more soothing than water and music?

    It seems to me that being lulled to sleep with good music was just what Shannon needed. A pleasant read.




    • Dear Rochelle

      Thanks for stopping and listening. That was such a nice piece which I came across by chance. I agree…water and music are so relaxing. Shannon did so need a little relaxing…nothing like a little Bach to do the trick!




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