Morning Haiku and Waka – January 4, 2016

Troiku – Grey Sky Paradox

less cold
a cloudy day cloaks the world
comforting grey warmth

less cold
when the clouds hang in the sky
not a cold clear day

a cloudy day cloaks the world
in the mountains – snow
in our valley tears

comforting grey warmth
clear blue skies freeze the earth
a paradox

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem #890 Shoukan (less cold)

21 thoughts on “Morning Haiku and Waka – January 4, 2016

  1. Our winter is not being ‘normal’ Less cold than it should be.
    It isn’t the first time though, I don’t remember any other December having a day in the 80’s F or
    26 C. One would thing the seasons a tad out of rhythm.

    Thanks for stopping by my hymn. Fictional but sort of based on just bits floating in my head of what such a ritual would be.


    • This winter is really odd, warm winters have been known to happen they tell me, but at 64, I’ve never lived through one this warm, not in the northern hemisphere anyway. You’ve got some cool stuff floating up there 😉

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      • Our mid west has been hammered with similar rains of England. And some in the right ‘belt’ a bunch of snow. But we only just saw a few flakes two mornings ago. It was 10 F or -12 C this morning Jan 6.
        But well, it is January. I’d rather have gentle two and three inches of white stuff than another blizzard. We’ve had two or three of them since I’ve been here.

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        • I can remember vaguely what a blizzard is from when I was a kid in New Jersey (maybe around 1960), the snow piling up to the second floor, the wind howling, the electric going off and the pipes freezing … not a nice memory … My sis told me about another bad winter just a couple of years ago in Southern Illinois the power went out for three days. Continental weather is really pretty miserable I know. Hope you don’t get any of THAT stuff This year.

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          • So far we are getting just rain.
            Don’t want to jinx myself by saying how much we of the fluffy white we have had in the past. I think I was in NYC that year with my grandparents… I have a photo of a young me with a snowman… but it probably isn’t the same snowstorm. Since there wasn’t much snow left after the snowman was build.

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          • Nope couldn’t be the same snowman I think. I think that was a winter that went into the history books .. and I never saw the likes of it again in Jersey …

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  2. So true, cara, so true! yesterday the snow was melting under grey skies and today it is freezing under a clear blue sky…man it’s cold since we’ve been spoiled for so long but then again, that is why I bought that extra warm Helly Hensen parka yesterday:)

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