Carpe Diem #358, Cliffs of Moher


dance and sing today
glorious returns the sun
rejoicing sing

waves crash on the beach
as the new season begins
take my hand and walk

light is my step
upon the windy beaches
smiling into the snow

one more year passes
and yet my heart still feels young
give me my red cape

Carpe Diem #358, Cliffs of Moher

Carpe Diem #357, A Red Sun Sets


meditating morn
each rock is a teacher
as life continues

walking along my path
contemplating rain and stones
clouds shrouding soul

gentle song at dawn
reflecting upon the way
the pond is moonless

Haibun: Awake in a Dream



Awake in a Dream

Awakening from a dream, when it is still so close to you, is like walking in a new world.  The lovely sensations that were born of the night, follow your footsteps throughout the day, giving it a quality of magic.  Colors seem brighter, the wind is a caress, the birds sing with new vigor.  To be awake in a dream and dream when you’re awake.  Such a marvelous state of being!

world of dreams and song
accompany this sweet day
gentle winter rain

Written for Carpe Diem #353, Awake in a Dream with heartfelt thanks!